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3 woods pair tournament
Felixstowe Leisure Centre, Undercliff Road West , Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 2AE
Tel: 01394 694600
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Felixstowe Indoor  Bowls Club (FIBC) collects, processes, stores and uses personal information of it's members which is only be used or disclosed for the primary purposes for which it is collected. Individual members’ data is held only for as long as required in order for the Club to conduct its business. If the membership is not being renewed for any reason, it will be removed from the Club’s database

Please send a message to the  Secretary FIBC (felixindoorbowls@yahoo.com ) in the event of any questions, queries, corrections or deletion to personal information and photographs contained within this website,

A friendly and relaxed environment

Felixstowe has a thriving and welcoming indoor bowls club situated on  the first floor of the  Felixstowe leisure centre.  
Competitive bowling for ladies and men takes place during the day and  in the evenings . Social bowling can also be arranged by members  during the day and at weekends.
Club drives take place during the season usually on Saturday afternoon. Club friendly matches are played against some other local clubs as and  when arranged. 
The Full membership fee £38.00 per year. Associate membership  fee is  £20.00 per year. Associate members are restricted to play only social  bowls and to take part in club drives and club social events.
Rink fees vary between £1.80 and £5.00 for a 2 hour session for full  members. Associate members pay a slightly higher rate. Details are  displayed on the club notice board.
Lockers are available for hire ( subject to availability) at £3.00 per year  per locker.
Coaching is available for people wishing to find out more about the  game of bowls. please Contact Mike or Linda.

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Club Drive
Saturday  - 15th  September
2.00pm - 5.00pm 
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More inforation on the club notice board 

Open Evening 2018-19
Friday  - 14th  September
6.00pm - 9.00pm 
​Information , Questions & Answers 
For new members hand on practice
​Roll up if rink is available

FIBC League Table 2017 -18

​​ FIBC League fixture  ​ 2018-19​​​​​​ ​​​​​

Monday afternoon ladies Triples

Monday evening men's Triples

Tuesday morning Triples

Tuesday afternoon Pairs

Constitution & Rules​​

​​Domestic League
​Start- 17th September

​For further information please keep looking on the club notice board

Tuesday evening men's Four

Wednesday afternoon Pairs (5.30pm)

                                           CLUB PAIRS TOURNAMENT
                                                 3 wood pairs     
                                          CLUB MEMBERS ONLY​

                                      10 March, 2018

16 teams from the club have participated in the tournament. They have  played in two sections - Red and Green. All teams played 3 games each.  Winners from each group have played for the final to win the trophy. Runner ups from the two groups have played for
3rd and 4th place accordinly.

Charlie Beeton and  Lee Calver  won the Trophy.  Well Done Charlie and Lee.  Graham Dakin and Mike Souter became runners-up. 

Thanks everyone who showed interest and paricipated in this tournament. Also thanks to those who worked very hard behind the scene to make the day enjoyable and the event successful. ​​

We are very pleased receive  sponsorship from "Tackle up" and Hawk Express Cabs Ltd" fo this tournament.  We would like to thank you both for your continued help
and support for this organisation.

Thursday morning Triples

Thursday evening mixed Triples

Friday afternoon Pairs (2.30pm )

Friday afternoon Pairs (4.30pm)


Friday evening  Triples ( 7.00pm)

Men's county league  2017- 18

                                                         Roy Smith Trophy
                                                              T ournament, 2018
                                                                   24th February

16 teams from the club have participated in  the
 tournament. They have  played in two sctions Red and Green. All teams played 3 games each.  Winners from each group have played for the 
final to win the trophy. Runner ups from the two groupshave played for 3rd and 4th place accordinly. 

Steve Friston, Margaret Baker and Chris Dodson won the Trophy. Mrs. Roy Smith and her daughter presented the Trophy to the Winners.​​

County league Fixture  2017-18

Tournament​​​ News

Club Competition 2017 -18​​​​

Club competition Result 2017 -18

U14 Singles competition.pdf

Under 21 Singles competition.pdf

Men's singles.pdf

Ladies Singles.pdf

Ladies Pairs.pdf

Mondays ​- 16.30 - 18.30 
​New Bowlers welcome​​

      Suffolk County IBA​​

Men's Pairs.pdf

      Suffolk County Ladies  IBA

Mixed Pairs.pdf

Drawn Triples.pdf

Useful links​​


Saturday  - 5th  May
2.00pm - roll up 
6.00pm- meeting​​​
​7.00 - prize presentation
For more information please keep looking  on the
Club Notice Board

Roll up
From April - August
WEDNESDAY  1030-1230
THURSDAYS - 1430-1630
Start - Wednesday , 18TH APRIL ,
rink fee : £2.50 each per session

For more information click here


Letter from Peter Thompson, Cheif Executive, EIBA
For more information please see the EIBA website

ens four league
mens four league


     Wednesdays : 10.30 - 12.30
     Thursdays     : 16.30 - 18.30
Please follow the rink bookings folder  in the bowls hall

If any member of the club wanting to have a locker, please contact Mahbubul Alam.
It will be offered subject
to the availability.

If any member of the club
wanting to buy a club shirt  or
a  club waist coat, please contact Mike Nunn or Linda Nunn or Mahbubul Alam